The Iron Fork Officially Opens

In March of 2018, the clubhouse and Grille Room renovation project was completed and the brand new Iron Fork restaurant opened its doors to the public.

New Management

In 2017, The Liberty Group of Williamsport, PA completed its acquisition of the Frosty Valley Country Club.  The Liberty Group also began a number of capital improvements to the property including a renovation of the clubhouse and Grille Room.

Clubhouse and Grille Room Expansion Project

By 1983 the membership had outgrown the clubhouse facilities and members voted to begin a $400,000 expansion project.  The project added 10,500 sq feet to the facility included extra space to the Grill Room and Lounge completed in 1984.

Frosty Valley Country Club Opens

The original clubhouse was constructed in 1962 and Frosty Valley Country Club opened its doors along with the Grille Room Restaurant for its members.

The Invention of the Fork

The table fork as we know it today was more than likely invented by the Eastern Roman Empire and begun widespread use during the 4th century.